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    I couldn’t be happier with the presurgery, surgery, and post surgery care from Dr. Johnson and his...

    ~ Scott ~

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    He was very thorough and explained everything.

    ~ Kristin Johnson ~

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    Extremely knowledgeable. Explains things in layman’s terms. Very happy with results from both my s...

    ~ Nancy McBride ~

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    After months of arm and shoulder pain and going through various therapies to address it, I found out...

    ~ Gloria S ~

  • Healthgrades 421281Healthgrades

    Dr. Johnson was understanding and patient. My appointment time was honored. He explained the options...

    ~ Carol ~

  • Healthgrades 421280Healthgrades

    Dr Johnson listened to my concerns, and made a plan to help me. I look forward to getting better wit...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • Healthgrades 421279Healthgrades

    Dr Johnson is very informative and easy to talk with. Great surgeon!

    ~ Randall E Hobby ~

  • Healthgrades 421278Healthgrades

    Appointment was friendly, thorough and specific with recommended treatment.

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • Healthgrades 421277Healthgrades

    Great, Dr. Johnson explained things to me very clearly. The office was quick and efficient. I recomm...

    ~ Karen ~

  • Healthgrades 421276Healthgrades

    Dr. Johnson is a great surgeon, I have had 2 surgeries, and both have exceeded my expectations. I am...

    ~ Scott ~

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