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    Comments: These reviews are appalling!! Dr. Johnson was the 4th surgeon that I saw in a 11 month period. My insurance kept denying my back surgery due to my age (they claimed I was too young, I was in my mid 30’s) even though I had a herniated disk, I had spinal fluid leaking out into my body, all my nerves were compress, among a couple other things. I did everything my insurance made me do, I had 3 epidurals, went to physical therapy in and out of the water 4x a week and saw a pain management doctor! I was walking with a walker when I met Dr. Johnson and his amazing staff! They all fought for me and with in 2 weeks they got my surgery approved! Here I am almost 4 years later and I feel better then I have since 2008! I no longer live in CA but I would fly back there without any hesitation if I had any issues again! I highly recommend Dr. Johnson!

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