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    Comments: Dr. Bryce Johnson is my hero! I had two bulging disc‘s in my back and sciatic pain all down my right leg. I went to see Dr. Johnson. He does not like to jump into surgery so I first tried therapy and pain management. We quickly realized I was not getting any better and needed surgery. They scheduled me as soon as they possibly could because they knew the amount of pain I was in. My surgery was an absolute success! I had been in debilitating pain for nine weeks prior to my surgery. I could not work, I could not drive, I couldn’t even sit in a chair without excruciating pain. After my surgery, they have you sit in a wheelchair to be wheeled out to your car. I kept telling the nurse, “ I don’t want to sit down, it’s so painful to sit down!”. The nurses would not budge, and I slowly sat down in that wheelchair completely fearful of the shooting pain that would search through my body. I sat down for the first time completely pain-free in that wheelchair that morning. I just started crying because I was so happy to be pain-free. It was as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders . Other than the healing of the actual incision, I have been pain-free for four years. I am so grateful to Dr. Bryce Johnson and his staff. My sister is in sports medicine/PT and when she knew that I needed to see a spinal surgeon, she went to all her resources, referrals and people she trusted. She handed me a list with three names on it. She said she only trusted these three people to perform my back surgery. Dr. Bryce Johnson was at the top of the list. I could not be happier with my decision!

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